[Ansteorra] Call to Gothic War

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Thu Sep 1 07:25:48 PDT 2005

To all that may bear witness,


I go to prepare the way for your arrival on the fields of Gothic.


For a quarter year all have heard the name Ruspoli mentioned. You have been
warned of his approach and instructed to gather your armor and arms. Answer
the call of your Ansteorrian brethren. Do not let this be the day the West
falls.  Summon the courage handed down through your father and his father.
Summon the knowledge passed to you from grandmother to mother to daughter.
Summon the courage to stand! Dear brethren of Ansteorra, do not allow fate
to shape your future. Should you fight today none will speak ill of you.
Should you die on the field; your honor will remain. Years from now old men
will remember and stand tall for you. Fight and win and all will salute you.
Your scars shall be badges of honor and nothing will mar the deeds you


Brothers and Sisters of Ansteorra, war is upon us! Now is the time to rally
to the banner of Bonwicke. Now is the time to stand in the light with King
Jason. Now is the time to protect the lands of Saereid. Now is the time to
defend Ansteorra!



In service,



The Shire of Adlersruhe presents

Lake Sweetwater Park. Sweetwater, Tx

(Sept 2-5)


.....and so the day approaches, when youths will become men, honor will be
placed in every heart, fear will be shaken to the ground, and bloodied
pastures will be trampled underfoot. Now is not the time for silk garments
nor the mannerisms of the King's court. This is not the time to pray for
meekness in monasteries  nor humbleness in the cathedrals. Now is the time
for armorers to sharpen steel, fletchers to feather arrows, stable hands to
ready horses, generals to make plans, and for armies to be tested. Now is
the time for WAR! 


Three years have past since the name Carados Ruspoli was first heard in the
west. Stories were passed by merchants traveling between shires of an army
of black. A horde that feasted on war. But like all such stories they
included far off places that were only dreamt of in the minds of children.
But not all stories are fables. A year later during winter solstice
celebration the name Ruspoli was heard again. This time the name of the city
was not a far off place.  Now it contained the name Bonwicke. It was not a
story at all. It was a challenge to the Baron of Bonwicke. "Make terms with
me now or be swallowed by my army," was the message sent to Bonwicke.
Immediately a call to arms was spread through the west to gather any boy and
man of fighting age. In majestic fashion Bonwicke drove the horde of Ruspoli
back. Not stopping at days end. Through the night Ruspoli was chased until
his army was broken and defeated on the Alibate fields. 


Men such as Carados Ruspoli do not stay hidden long. He has gathered a new
army and is again threatening the lands of the west. Ruspoli has vowed anew
to crush Bonwicke and see Bonwicke's army driven before him, and to hear the
lamentations of the women. He has challenged the Baron directly and will not
stop till Bonwicke rests impaled on a pike.


Come and join the Western Region in what promises to be the most memorable
and exciting GOTHIC WAR yet! Choose your side and fight in the dark horde of
Captain Carados Ruspoli or don the colors of Bonwicke and help restore peace
to the lands of the west. 



War points will be awarded for Chivalric and Rapier melees and tourneys,
Arts and Sciences competitions, AX, knife and spear, archery and volunteers.

Site will be at Lake Sweetwater Municipal park. Site opens at 4PM on Friday
and closes at 1pm on Monday. Site is wet, but in period containers only.
This site does have water and electricity. There will also be portable
showers on site. Hot water is first come first served. Please visit
http://adlersruhe.ansteorra.org/Gothic.html for motels and amenities
available in Sweetwater. 

Make Checks payable to Shire of Adlersruhe, SCA Inc.

Site fee is $10 for adults. $5 for children under 12. Under 5 years free.
Site Family cap is $30. Anyone without a current member card (BLUE CARD)
will be charged a $3 non-member fee. Minors must be accompanied by a parent
or legal guardian. They may attend with a 21 yr & up adult with a signed &
notarized Minor Event Waiver form from the parents.

Event Autocrat
HL Rufus Guthrie
Kendall Johnson
7008 Covenant Lane
Amarillo, Tx 79109
k-l at sbcglobal.net
(806) 463-3362

Ld. Gerrold Von Drachenhohle
Chris England
drachenhohle at cox.net

Driving directions: Take best route to Texas. Take I-20 west from Abilene
(approx 30 miles) or east from Sweetwater (approx 5 miles) to Exit 249
south. This is FM 1856. Travel south for approx 5 miles to Lake Sweetwater
Municipal Park. 


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