[Ansteorra] Blood Donation

Aline Swynbrook alineswynbrook at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 1 05:48:09 PDT 2005

As someone who got her gallon pin, here is the skinny
on Blood Donation:

You can do it every 52 days or so.  That's how long it
takes your body to replace you plasma and build back
up your red blood cells.

You cannot donate if you have spent three months or
more anywhere in the UK and I believe parts of France,
or 6 months or more in the rest of Western Europe
since I believe 1980 (this gets my roommate every

A list of other disquaifiers (medical problems and
other issues cane be found at the Red Cross blood
services website.  You can also search by zip code for
closest possible donation centers and drives.  That
website is http://www.givelife.org

And while it is true that they have to process our
blood before it can be used, please, please consider
donating anyways.  What happens in mass casualty
situations (California Mudslides, Oklahoma City
Tornado, 9/11), is this:  reserve numbers are looked
at and the maximum amount of blood available that can
be diverted without creating a second potential crisis
immediately will be.  The problem is, because most
people only donate when such things happen, and then
don't again until the next major disaster, the blood
banks run low at other times of the year (Thanksgiving
and Christmas travel often cause shortages due to the
number of auto accidents).


Who wouldn't be here without blood donation and the
American Red Cross

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