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I posted a similar idea yesterday and it is in the pot for discussion and 
action at the disaster list and elsewhere.


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I find this idea something I can support for the fact that it provides not 
only hope but pride to those folks that are still there and trying to put 
their lives back on track.


I've been thinking that if in six months time the landowners think they can 
provide the infrastructure (person power and equipment for trash pick up, 
port o johns, etc), access to and from the site is available, and area food 
and supply stores are back up and running, then the best thing we could 
possibly do is show up and spend as much money in the local area as
possible.  If there are enough area facilities in place to allow the influx 
of 4000 or more people for a week, then what better way can we provide a 
boost to the local economy?  By paying our camping fees we will help the 
landowners recoup the cost of site recovery; our presence will provide 
employment for all the wonderful people who pick up our trash, deliver our 
ice, clean our port-o-johns, and haul us around site, and we will help 
Lumberton and surrounding communities by making a point of buying all our 
food and camping supplies from their local commercial establishments rather 
than hauling it in.  Heck, perhaps we could assist the landowner with site 
recovery by organizing site clean up activities during the event, or we
could have a Red Cross or other type of donation point on site (and don't 
think that even after six months it won't be needed...).  No doubt there are 
many other ways we could capitolize on our presence to provide tremendous 
support for the local economy.  It's worth thinking about...


"Don't run through life so fast that you forget not only where you've
been but also where you're going.  Life is not a race, but a journey to
be savored each step of the way."
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