[Ansteorra] Black Unicorn Tavern is coming to Elfsea

Charles cnetterville at ih2000.net
Mon Sep 5 15:08:51 PDT 2005

Greetings and good morrow friends and family, brothers and sisters. 
Our offer to host the Black Unicorn tavern at the Elfsea defender has been graciously accepted and we are quite excited to be able to attend such a prestigious event and serve their Excellencies, Armand and Ameline as well as the populace and attendees of Defender. 
We will be serving all day from near the list field.
For the evening meal we will be doing a traditional meal served in the latter Italian styling. 
Some menu items are period, others not but all very good and seasoned well. 
    I am asking for reservations for the evening meal so I know how much to prepare. The menu is as follows. 
Beef and cheese lasagna with traditional sauce
Chicken Parmesan with pasta and a marinara sauce.
Italian seasoned vegetables, 
Desserts and tea. 
Aside from the chicken entree, this meal is all you care to eat for so long as it lasts, served buffet style and will be offered at a rate of 7.00 per adult with children 10 and under eating free with the purchase of an adult meal. 
Please contact me at cnetterville at ih2000.net to make reservations. 
    The morning meal will be Griddle cakes, bacon, eggs, coffee and orange juice. May be purchased separately or as a meal at a discounted rate. 

The noon meal will be Hamburgers, Batter fried steak and potato on a skewer, Cajun style boudain, fried potatoes, onion rings and perhaps some other items as well. We look forward to serving each of you on the 24th of this month.
En Servante Christus et Coronae
Ld. Elrique Falcone DeNetterville
MKA Charles Netterville
1810 Terrell
Beaumont, TX. 77701

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