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   A suggestion was made at Gothic War, this past weekend, that because
   of the possability of there not being a Gulf War this next year,
   instead we have a "Non-War Gulf War". With the people who had already
   planned to go and anyone else who can, to go not to fight but to
   build, clean, clear. When signing in, instead of what group or barony
   putting what skills; carpentry, electrician, plumbing, cook etc. they
   may have.

   While I have only been privileged to attend one Gulf War, the pictures
   & descriptions on the web site, to me, give the appearance that this
   type of effort may not be needed. However the suggestion was made,
   discussed and has now been forwarded for further discussion.
   While there are people who can't afford to go down there for a
   weekend, those same people are willing to give up their Gulf War week
   to rebuild the site.

   Ly Gabriele

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