[Ansteorra] Re: animal rescue

Beth Ellis killian at awesomenet.net
Tue Sep 6 13:28:00 PDT 2005

 We know from the tornados up
> here that it can be a tremendous source of hope and
> inspiration to a devastated family, just knowing their
> pet is well and provided for until they find a
> permanent place to live.

Thanks for forwarding this information.  Even if we can't foster a pet, we 
can contribute money, food, etc. to these shelters to help them to better 
accomodate the influx.   I love my pets to absolute distraction, and I am 
sure that there are plenty of people affected by Katrina that  undoubtedly 
feel the same way about their pets.  If I were in their situation I would be 
absolutely frantic about the welfare and fate of my four legged family 

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