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This is from the Department of State Health Services, TDH no longer exists.

An e-mail is being circulated that indicates that food stamps and free
gasoline for Hurricane Katrina evacuees are available from or through the
"Texas Department of Health and Human Services."

The e-mail is bogus.

However, hurricane evacuees wanting accurate information about food stamps
availability may call the 2-1-1 information service or 1-888-312-4567.

Some versions of the e-mail include the Web address for the former Texas
Department of Health, now part of the Texas Department of State Health

The food stamps program is administered by the Texas Health and Human
Services Commission.

Neither agency is supplying free gasoline.

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Here is the actual link


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This was sent to me by a friend in Houston helping
with the Relief efforts.  the information attached
should help anyone needing assistants with food and

Thank you

Shelter and Refugee information in Texas dial 211.

Texas Department of Health and Human Services

    * 2 months of Food Stamps with no questions asked.
 All they need to show is a driver’s license.
    * Information and locations where you can receive
FREE GAS will be available.
    * Also, if you are housing anyone from one of
these states you can call FEMA at  (800) 621-3362 file
a claim and receive assistance for your help.  This is
valid information directly from TDHHS.

Texas WIC Program Opened to Katrina Refugees

Qualifying residents of Louisiana, Mississippi and
Alabama forced to relocate to Texas by Hurricane
Katrina will be eligible to receive WIC benefits here,
according to the Texas Department of State Health
Services (DSHS), which administers the federal
supplemental nutrition program in Texas.

Refugees who had WIC benefits in those states, and
other qualifying Katrina refugees who want to begin
receiving WIC benefits, can contact the nearest local
WIC clinic or call the Texas WIC Program at
1-800-942-3678 for local WIC clinic locations. There
are some 700 local WIC clinics in Texas

Officials are working on ways to serve WIC-eligible
refugees housed in large shelters and unable to get to
a local WIC clinic to register.

WIC provides nutrition education, food, formula and
other services for low-income pregnant women, new
mothers, infants and children under 5. DSHS officials
said most if not all the refugees in these categories
would meet the program’s financial eligibility

WIC clients are issued an identity card and vouchers
by local WIC clinics. The vouchers are redeemable for
certain food items at some 2,500 stores, or vendors,
throughout the state. Food packages vary depending on
client category, but include infant formula, milk,
cheese, cereal, juice, eggs, peanut butter and beans.

DSHS also announced that the 2,500 WIC-vendor stores
in Texas may accept vouchers previously issued in
Louisiana or Alabama to WIC clients who have evacuated
to Texas.

Katrina Missing Persons Websites

Full List go to

There are many places on the web that have postings
set up in order to locate the survivors of our
nation's most devastating disaster in current history.

IF YOU ARE POSTING to any of these pages, please keep
something in mind to make the searches easier for

Start your posting with the LAST NAME of the family
involved, not "Looking for...," "Missing mother in
law...," "Biloxi family..." etc.

Live journal blogger
Hurricane Katrina Survivors
N.O. Pundit
Eyes on Katrina I'm OK Line
Craiglist New Orleans
Truth Laid Bear

CNN's Board and Safe List
Hurricane Katrina Survivors
Katrina Family and Friends
Katrina Finder
Survived Katrina
Gulf Coast News
Hurricane Katrina Refugee Contact
Craig's List
No Pundit
WWWLTV I'm Okay List
WDSU New Orleans - Message board
PHP's board
Now Public
Katrina Message Boards

Information can also be found at:
WDSU - a flat file arranged by parish (non-searchable)
WLTV - a forum set of posts.

The "Find Katrina" web page was mentioned recently by
David Goldstein on CBS, but I have been unable to
locate the page.   If you have information regarding
this page, I would appreciate an email.

If you have run across any additional pages that offer
survivor or locator lists, please email me.


Construction company hiring 1000 people to help with
hurricane clean up.  $10/hr, 80-90 hrs weekly, food,
lodging, transportation to area.  Start immediately,
could go on for 1-2 yrs.  Anyone interested can call
directly to:

LVI Services


10500 Telephone Rd.


Carlton Hospitality Services is staffing wait staff
for the Astrodome as it becomes home to the Katrina
refugees.   First of all, thank you for your
overwhelming response, as we work as a TEAM to fill
this important order. Here's what we know at this

Starting September 2 we will need 50 employees per
shift to work 3 shifts, everyday:
Pay Rate: $9.00 per hour.

6:30a.m. - 10:30a.m.
10:30a.m.- 4:30p.m.
4:30p.m. - 8:30p.m.

You may call people on assignment because Carlton
Hospitality Services is a different company than
Carlton Staffing. Therefore there will be no overtime.

The dress code is black pants, white oxford ( button
down ) shirt and comfortable solid black shoes.

Please email details to Ginger at
gbailey at; the name, phone number,
shift and day your employee has committed to ASAP. As
more information is available, I will pass it on. If
you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call
me at 713-691-2000.

Again, thank you for lending a helping hand.

Respectfully yours,

Julie D. Eisen
Branch Manager
Carlton Hospitality Services
24 Greenway Plaza Suite 1205
Houston, Texas 77046
713-358-7175 direct
713-957-3680 fax

Click here to donate to the Hurricane Katrina relief

Click here to donate to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.
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