Pirates in Period - Was [Ansteorra] Apology from Nasir al-Fayyid

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Funny you should mention that.  Another list I'm on has been discussing 
documenting Privateering.  The most interesting link so far has been:


They're kinda like Archers,   great if they're working for you, demons if 
they're working against.


PS - I hope nobody takes offense to the statement.  Actually I hope I'm 
still well known enough that people who might will know there's none 
intended. <G>
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>I agree. Noble apology, Cap'n... but one of those situations where the 
>offending party obviously didn't know what was going on and had no right to 
>be "offended". On another note, however... the mere existance of pirates in 
>the SCA, particularly in Ansteorra, seems to offend some people. I've been 
>working hard to educate people on the period-ness of our particular breed 
>of persona, but some people who don't understand something and have no wish 
>to learn just can't be educated.
> So, from one Captain to another, I raise me glass and wish ye fair winds 
> and safe passages in these treacherous waters ;)
> Lord Duncan MacNamara
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>>Sorry ... But it is a sad day in our Society when members of a household
>>cannot interact freely without fear of offending someone outside of their
>>circle who has NO IDEA of the interplay within that household.
>>Although I commend you on your "apology", I think it absurd that you felt
>>obliged to take this action because of someone else's "perceived 
>>Just my 2 cents,
>>Ly. Katrina Alyse Argo
>>a.k.a.  Momma Cammie
>>Naima wrote:
>>My name is Nasir al-Fayyid, commonly known as "Alf".
>>It has recently come to my attention that my young
>>household did offend a good lady of this populace at
>>Bjornsborg spring event "Book of Days".
>>I am captain to this new household, a pirate ship
>>called "The Drunken Drummer."  We are a group of
>>friends that like to hang out together at SCA events
>>and have a good time.  At this spring event, myself, a
>>lady of the ship and her lord husband were in the
>>tavern and joking around.  I reached over playfully
>>and tugged on her hair which had been an ongoing joke
>>all night long.  Apparently a good lady gentle took
>>notice of this and was highly offended.  We meant no
>>harm in our rowdiness and I would like to extend my
>>humble appologies to this good lady and would ask to
>>please not hold anyone in particular in my ship
>>responsible for my actions.
>>On further note, if I have offended anyone else with
>>these actions, to you I do so humbly appologize as
>>As stated our ship is one of good friends, who enjoy
>>the SCA and who like having a good time and we welcome
>>anyone who wishes to join our fire.
>>Sayyid Nasir al-Fayyid
>>Captain of The Drunken Drummer
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