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I beg to differ with you on this one. Pirates or not, it is not considered 
appropriate to touch another, especially of the opposite gender if that 
person is not in a situation to consent. If you touched my hair without my 
consent in such a situation as described, I would likely have been offended 

I am a teacher. We have a big rule with the kids, and with the teacher's 
too. Keep your hands and personal objects to yourself. We don't even hug the 
kids anymore without asking their permission. With all of us being nobles of 
a sort within the SCA, it would always have been inappropriate in period to 
touch anyone of a higher class than oneself. While 'pirates' may have done 
differently while dealing with captives, they would not have done so on 
shore in a place where both gentry and commoners mingled. To do so may have 
meant instant death from the woman's male companion, or arrest. Certainly 
such 'pirates' as Sir Francis Drake would never have touched a noblewomen 
except to kiss her hand.

One more point. It is my understanding, that Ansteorran women are strong and 
not opposed to fight for themselves. It is always possible that you risk a 
great deal just from the woman, herself when you play this touching game. 
Lots of us may not look very formidable while sitting with our consorts at 
table, but beware. Many of us are not afraid to dispatch an offensive knave, 

Lyneya de Grey

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I agree. Noble apology, Cap'n... but one of those situations where the 
offending party obviously didn't know what was going on and had no right to 
be "offended". On another note, however... the mere existance of pirates in 
the SCA, particularly in Ansteorra, seems to offend some people. I've been 
working hard to educate people on the period-ness of our particular breed of 
persona, but some people who don't understand something and have no wish to 
learn just can't be educated.

So, from one Captain to another, I raise me glass and wish ye fair winds and 
safe passages in these treacherous waters ;)

Lord Duncan MacNamara
Captain of the Iron Lotus


>Sorry ... But it is a sad day in our Society when members of a household
>cannot interact freely without fear of offending someone outside of their
>circle who has NO IDEA of the interplay within that household.
>Although I commend you on your "apology", I think it absurd that you felt
>obliged to take this action because of someone else's "perceived 
>Just my 2 cents,
>Ly. Katrina Alyse Argo
>a.k.a.  Momma Cammie
>Naima wrote:
>My name is Nasir al-Fayyid, commonly known as "Alf".
>It has recently come to my attention that my young
>household did offend a good lady of this populace at
>Bjornsborg spring event "Book of Days".
>I am captain to this new household, a pirate ship
>called "The Drunken Drummer."  We are a group of
>friends that like to hang out together at SCA events
>and have a good time.  At this spring event, myself, a
>lady of the ship and her lord husband were in the
>tavern and joking around.  I reached over playfully
>and tugged on her hair which had been an ongoing joke
>all night long.  Apparently a good lady gentle took
>notice of this and was highly offended.  We meant no
>harm in our rowdiness and I would like to extend my
>humble appologies to this good lady and would ask to
>please not hold anyone in particular in my ship
>responsible for my actions.
>On further note, if I have offended anyone else with
>these actions, to you I do so humbly appologize as
>As stated our ship is one of good friends, who enjoy
>the SCA and who like having a good time and we welcome
>anyone who wishes to join our fire.
>Sayyid Nasir al-Fayyid
>Captain of The Drunken Drummer
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