[Ansteorra] Apology from Nasir al-Fayyid

Duncan MacNamara duncan_macnamara at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 9 07:28:58 PDT 2005

>In this case, the problem was that the intimate interactions within a
>household spilled out onto a bystander who was not a member of the
>household.  Alf is sincere in his apology and his household is a good bunch
>[even if they are pirates ;-)].  Sometimes people forget that what may be
>considered fun and in good sport to them is not always amusing to others.

Yes, and what may be a fun and valid persona to us (free men of the sea, 
pirates) is not acceptable to others. Does that mean we should also have to 
apologize to the people who are offended by our mere persona? My point is, 
bystander or not, unless the person "offended" was directly involved in the 
action, or unless there was a public display of nudity, or unless there was 
a valid safety issue, then there should not be a problem.

Take a similar instance for example:

I certainly am not going to apologize to anyone who may have been "offended" 
by our "taking hostage" of a Lady at our last demo. It was explained to the 
lady beforehand, who thought the idea was cute and funny, and a creative way 
to INVITE her to come participate in our cannon-firing demo. Of course, if 
she did not want to come along, she would not have been forced, and she 
wasn't forced. But to someone else looking on, who would want to look past 
the laughing and smiling face of the lady being kidnapped, and who would 
just want to cause drama, they would cause an issue by being "offended" and 
carrying their "concern" to someone higher up, even though all parties 
directly involved were having fun. If someone who wasn't directly involved 
in it "raises a concern" about it, rather than actually paying attention and 
seeing that there was NO harm done and it WAS all in fun, then they can 
bugger off.

Sorry to be so blunt, but if someone is more concerned about causing drama 
than actually paying attention to what's really going on, then they need to 
mind their own buisness.

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