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The Norse peoples changed the culture of Europe, "pirates" didn't. Norse Vikings have the saga, founded settlements, "pirates" have no such historical significance.  Now late period "pirate" personae that are well documented and researched are as a general rule well accepted in the SCA. It is the post period generic buccaneer that are giving people with sailor personas a bad name. The "pirates" that wear 4 different country's clothing over a 100 years that say "well I am a pirate and have been to lots of places so I can wear all this stuff." that bug a few people. For the most part I say if you want to be a "pirate" at least do the research (in period) so you have something to back it up with. 
Don Pieter
Dutch Sea Begger persona.
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we accept the viking personas in our 'dreamworld' so why give a pirate persona 
short shift?
Depending your point of view they're a lot alike, save one pillaged on land and 
the other
on the sea.  Aoife, who 'likes' the ones she knows!

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