[Ansteorra] pirates v vikings

Snorri Hallsson snorri.hallsson at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 13:31:35 PDT 2005

Assuming that all Norsepeople are Vikings is like assuming that all sailors 
are pirates. My persona is Icelandic. My grandfather settled in Iceland, my 
father lived his entire life here and I have never left save for three trips 
to Norway to entertain the jarls' courts there as a skald. I have never been 
a-viking nor will I, with a prosperous farm to tend and a beautiful wife at 
home, ever go.
 My point of view is one that's done the research to know what to say just 
now. Now, will I ever give a persona short shift for being <insert label 
here>? No. Everyone has the right to portray whatever persona they wish to 
in the SCA. If their persona is "Hi, I'm so-and-so, I'm medieval, where's 
the beer and loose women," then that's their right to do the minimum persona 
play to participate in the SCA. That person will likely get the least out of 
the SCA because they're putting the least into it.
 However, if the *person* - note the difference - is being a drunken idiot 
that's decided my wife's posterior and his hand should meet and get to know 
one another very well, then there's an issue. The issue is that the person 
has acted wrongly, not the persona, and it needs to be addressed post-haste. 
Apparently it was addressed after the fact with this individual and he has 
apologized for his actions. Whether it is now a closed issue is between the 
lady in question and him, not the remainder of Ansteorra to hash out 
 While I have no problem with this thread of the appropriateness of pirate 
personas in the SCA, I think it's time we distanced the thread from this 
incident in Bjornsborg, please.
  My two coins,
HL Snorri Hallsson, CSM
Ansteorran Ex-Patriot

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