[Ansteorra] pirates v vikings

Duncan MacNamara duncan_macnamara at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 10 17:51:30 PDT 2005

So according that that logic, we are just "Free men of the Sea" who have 
gone plundering...


It's all a concept of words... I don't mind being called a pirate, because 
that's what my persona is. I don't try to "sugar-coat" it and try to make 
for cutesy word play. Take today's demo for example... over 150 people 
stopped by our camp and took information sheets about not only the SCA, but 
our Household, and the other research material we had available. People 
seemed VERY interested in us for who we were. To the general public, we're 
pirates... or vikings for that matter.  When we try to explain the concept 
of a noreseman who's gone "a-viking" or a sailor who happens to "plunder", 
whether it be under a letter of marque or not, newbies tend to get lost.

And a "sailor who plunders an enemy kingdom's ships" is a pirate, unless 
they have a letter of marque. If the "higher-ups" would rather us portray 
ourselves as privateers or something else more proper, then why not play 
along and issue letters of marque and get the crews more involved on the 
"persona play" level? I personally have been trying to obtain a letter of 
marque for over a year without success... and it's not like I am a 
freeloader in the SCA... I have 3 awards for service, I routinely help out 
at demos and events, I don't just "play" my persona, I also educate (with my 
historical research) those interested in it. Some call it an obsession... I 
call it a passion for the dream.

In Service,

Lord Duncan MacNamara
Captain of the Iron Lotus
Commodore of the Allied Outlanders Fleet
6th Chivalric Champion of the Black Company

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>I do apologize, that was sent by hitting reply and was not meant to sound 
>as if I was putting down anyones personna. The point I was intent upon 
>making was that my husband has been corrected on numerous occasions as to 
>his "Viking" personna not being Viking, but Norse that has gone "a-viking"
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