[Ansteorra] Supply Delivery Made (Was: Donation thank you's and what next?)

Stacy Dickey stacy.dickey at sbcglobal.net
Sat Sep 10 20:53:59 PDT 2005

Thank you so much for your kind words, Katheryn.
Now, a report from "the front".  :)
You should have seen both vehicles that drove the relief supplies west! Rix's van and my car were packed so full and heavy that they were riding fairly low on the axles. After unloading in Shreveport, we sorted through the items in about 2 hours with a number of local SCA folk. Then in reloading, one truck was sent full to Baton Rouge while the other was prepared for Jackson.
Sarah and I are now safe with friends in Jackson, Mississippi at the moment and the delivery has been made to the depot (where we're sleeping tonight). Also, the conditions on the northern side of here and Louisiana are much better than what's been reported on the news over the past week. Damage is nill until reaching Jackson, where we began to see branches, full trees, billboards, light debris, and a few structures with *some* damage.... the traces of this hurricane are on every turn. Gas prices, actually, are about $2.70-2.80 on average. As far as safety is concerned, I've heard some really horrible tales from residents out here, but everything I've personally seen is quite calm. Regardless, we're both alert, aware, and well prepared.
Contact is constantly made with several SCA folks out here to see what is needed. These items and tasks vary, depending on who lives where and how hard the storm hit their area... but the effort is great to get everyone back on their feet. We also expect a large shipment to arrive in Hattiesburg tomorrow from the East Kingdom, er so I heard. Futher word will be announced soon outlinging further needs for supplies. Also, Sarah and I will be taking a refugee from a Jackson convention center mock-shelter and reuniting him with his family back in Shreveport (where there are currently 9 people living in a 1-bedroom apartment).
I'm still waiting to hear word back from FEMA and/or the Red Cross on their telecom repair needs... my occupation. Should the call come in by tomorrow night, then I'll be out here for about a week or so. Otherwise, I'll be back on Monday and posting pictures from this little adventure.
Meanwhile, I'd like to thank those who assisted in this supply run. Your good deeds are very much appreciated out here.
Madame Colete

Julie Cunningham <juliecunningham65 at yahoo.com> wrote:
Greetings all

Thank you for your donations for the Katrina evacuees. There were so many items given, that there was only room for me in my car! They were taken over to Rixende and Tomas's house yesterday. The supplies will be transported by them as well as Colete and are now probably on their way to Sarah's in Louisiana as I write this. Please think of Colete and Sarah in your prayers, and ask for protection physically, mentally and emotionally from any harm while they drive around to hand out supplies. Thank you to all of the above mentioned folks for taking our items to the SCA folks in need.

So what happens next? We wait and see what people will need specifically and then we can talk about what we can do as individuals and/or a barony to help them. There should be a list soon of what folks need. As soon as I know more, I will post information.

Thanks again Steppes, Lindenwood and Glaslyn for helping those in need.

Yours in Service 
Lady Katheryn Cunningghame
Steppes Hospitaler

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