[Ansteorra] Ansteorra Holdem

Gilli gilli at hot.rr.com
Sun Sep 11 18:07:47 PDT 2005

Greetings good freiends and neighbors,

At work I'm about to go on two weeks of 12 hour night shifts.  After which, 
I'm going to want to party a bit.  So..here's how I want to party...I will 
hold an Ansteorran Hold'em Toruney (Texan Hold'em, but with a small twist. 
You'll find that out when you get here.)  Everyone will be given a box of 
match sticks.  Please let us know you are coming so we will have enough. 
The four prizes are: 1) 1 gallon of Gilli punch, 2) a case of New Castle, 3) 
A brisket w/ 2 pounds of mushroms, 4) a pan of Gilli loaf.

Now, we'll have food and DRINK available while you are here.  Please 
note:::: No ONE has EVER gone away hungery from some I did.

Also, please note... I will be the dealer...

Can YOU deal with it.  Just let us know you're coming.

This Grins and Giggles is being held 1 - 2 October 2005.  If you want to 
show up to camp on 30 Sept 2005 that's OK.


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