[Ansteorra] Article on the SCA relief efforts

Chelsea Williams baby_sis_83 at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 11 20:00:47 PDT 2005

I'm extremely moved! It makes me so proud to be a part of this group. I feel 
helpless. I can't donate time or money because Work and class demands that I 
be there and with the money... ya know... Work and class... Does anyone have 
any good ideas for people that are strapped like me? Could I perhaps make a 
piece of court garb for someone maybe?? I know there was a thread about 
adopting a SCA-dian but I never read it because I figured I was too poor to 
help out. I'm helpless... =(
-Chelsea Williams

Known in these Current Middle Ages as Grainne Kathleen NicPadraig MacDaniel


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