[Ansteorra] Hygiene Kit making gathering in Stargate

lisabetta at kjsl.com lisabetta at kjsl.com
Mon Sep 12 08:20:00 PDT 2005

Does anyone want to join me next week in making about 50 or so kits?
Time, cash, or supplies are welcome.

It will be at my house or maybe figther practice next week. Time and day
Please contact me for any interest.

We will label for Male, Female, and child

Lisabetta @ kjsl dot com
cell 281-658-5687
work 713-656-7192
home 713-747-4282

Current Item List for Alina's Hygiene kits:(email any more suggestions)

 1. 2 combs (Not the kind with "tails")
 2. Two tooth brushes (adult and kid sizes)  & floss
 3. Toothpaste
 4. Bar o' soap (no pump kinds)
 5. trial size bottle o' any brand hand sanitizer
 6. Small terry cloth towel
 7. Wash rag (may substitute small container handywipes)
 8. One shavin' razor
 9. 4 Sanitary napkins or tampons (if you know the kit will go to a woman.)
 10. One pair rubber gloves (be careful to say if they are latex for many
 folk are allergic to latex.)
 10. Small or trial size bottle o' shampoo/cream rinse in one.
 11. Pkg of travel tissue

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