[Ansteorra] Re: Letters of Marque - was pirates v vikings

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Mon Sep 12 17:33:21 PDT 2005

In the SCA the agreements of one Crown may or may not be honoured by another...
anything not written into law is edict...which lasts only the reign
in which it is declared and no further unless upheld by a subsequent Crown

Back in the day...you would have to acquire a letter of marque (and maintian it)
from each administration...and usually with competing parties...(ie...France and England and

Lorraine DeerSlayer

--- Duncan MacNamara <duncan_macnamara at hotmail.com> wrote:

> >I believe letters of marque only extend for the reign that they are issued 
> >and
> >need to be renewed each reign...
> >
> >Someone
 please correct me if I'm wrong...
> >
> >Lorraine DeerSlayer
> That seems like an overly redundant way of doing it... especially if it 
> takes so long to acquire one in the first place. I understand that the 
> Knights must swear their Fealty with each new reign, but privateers are not 
> a peerage.
> Captain MacNamara of the Iron Lotus
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