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I think it's such a big deal because a large number of people in our kingdom
want to believe that we've evolved from our movie pirate/ninja days 
(of 10 plus years ago)... and that we actually read and research rather
than just watch movies and imitate hollywood...

In the SCA in every kingdom there are several ways that people are 
stratified...one is by rank/precedence...

but another is by where on the range from "historically accurate" to 
"spiffy fun in funny clothes" you fall. The more you hang around people 
on the historically accurate part of the range the less acceptable it
is to call yourself a criminal...

another stratification is the range of "this organization/community is part of my life" to
"this is just a game that doesn't affect my 'real' life". The more you hang around the "this
organization/community is part of my life" end of the spectrum...the more your word means...and
the less acceptable it is to call yourself a criminal...because you are accepted at your word.

You were probably just hanging around a different range of people in other kingdoms...and it's
also possible if you're getting your info mostly on line that our "historically accurate" and
"this organization/community is part of my life" spectrum of people are more vocal in this
medium in our kingdom than others you have interacted with...

Lorraine DeerSlayer

--- Duncan MacNamara <duncan_macnamara at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Yes, I understand that... but the reign "back in the day" lasted a bit 
> longer than 6 months, lol!
> For one thing, I can't afford to track down crown and drive halfway across 
> Ansteorra every six months, nor can many who are in my economic class.
> I don't understand why this is such a big deal in Ansteorra... Other 
> kingdoms seem a bit more friendly to our type of persona.
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