[Ansteorra] Re: Romantic Personas

Catalina Ana de Salamanca catalina at ravenkeep.org
Tue Sep 13 16:17:57 PDT 2005

Well, I have had a very hard time researching the Rom. Since the word 
Gypsy isn't even what they call themselves, and since a large portion of 
the modern population remains illiterate (some by choice), this is a 
very hard group to study.
One of the ways to find information is to look at the paperwork that is 
created by or about a people group. Thanks to that, we can trace the Rom 
migration across Europe. Laws were often passed about them within 5 
years of first arrival. Sometimes they are noted in diaries or town 
ordinances. Since all of this information is created by gadjo (non-Rom) 
it is a little speculative.
Right now, there are lots of different takes on "gypsies", from the 
"Esmereldas" to "Gypsy Bellydance" to the Victorian child theives. None 
of these are really correct, but may have some bit of truth to them.
The important thing is to keep looking, keep researching, and not let 
the facts be covered up by any romantic concepts.
If you want an in-depth lecture(what?!? this isn't one?:)), talk to me 
in person sometime.

~Catalina Ana de Salamanca
Bryn Gwlad

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