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For one thing, pirates are not OOP. We've had this discussion several times 
in fact. What *is* OOP is the image you conjour up when you think of the 
word Pirate... the hollywood stereotype, or the late Golden Age of Piracy 
Pirate. Early Golden Age (1560 on) and such are not OOP. Ever since man 
first decided to build a raft and cross the water, other men have found a 
way to raid said raft. Then dugout canoes... boats... ships... etc. Ever 
since water travel has been feasable, men have found a way to exploit the 
possibilities of financial gain via piracy. It's just that it wasn't 
neccesarily "called" piracy in the days of ancient egypt, greece, etc.

And it's not that people have the big problem with 
semi-fantasy/legend-related personas. It's that certain people want to throw 
a fit about what they think shouldn't be allowed in their idea of what the 
SCA should be... that's the blunt and to the point answer. I haven't found a 
single person that singles out gypsy personas or picts... and only the rare 

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>Subject: [Ansteorra] Romantic Personas
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>Romantic Personas
>As more of a general question that anything else, other than Pirates, 
>(OOP) and Gypsies are there any other personas that anyone can think of 
>seem to be made of more legend / fantasy than Fact?  How about Picts or
>Can anyone think of any other personas (in SCA period, 600-1600 ACE, Europe
>including the old Roman empire) that are in general hard to play due to the
>lack of information or the deluge of fantastic information?
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