[Ansteorra] Romantic Personas

Duncan MacNamara duncan_macnamara at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 13 18:14:07 PDT 2005

>I wasn't saying that Pirates are OOP (Out Of Period, SCA Acronym) . . . . .
>There is plenty of references to them  . . . . both good and bad.
>The OOP reference was to Ninjas.  Though they existed in the SCA time 
>period, I
>have yet to see a european reference to "little slant-eyed men, dressed in 
>silk, flinging round disks of knives, and chopping down people people as if 
>were air."
>Only in late period do we find Orientals at all.  Through chinese maps show 
>Horn and the Ivory Coast (they traded with India by sea) long before Marco 
>was a twinkle in anyone's imagination.
>But that's not to say that the handful of Orientals that were around, one 
>them could have been a ninja . . . . .  . And was polite enough to hide it.
>------------  Gustav

Ahh... my misunderstanding then.

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