[Ansteorra] RE: Romantic Personas

Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 14 09:40:06 PDT 2005

>From: "Duncan MacNamara" <duncan_macnamara at hotmail.com>
>...And it's not that people have the big problem with
>semi-fantasy/legend-related personas. It's that certain people want to 
>a fit about what they think shouldn't be allowed in their idea of what the
>SCA should be... that's the blunt and to the point answer. I haven't found 
>single person that singles out gypsy personas or picts... and only the rare

If you don't mind my suggesting it, you are probably more sensitized to 
people "attacking" pirate personae, and so may be focused more on that than 
any criticisms of any other types.  Just focusing on those folks you are 
saying have a fit about what shouldn't be allowed in their idea of what the 
SCA should be about -- I daresay most of those certain people, whoever they 
may be, don't much care for picts, gypsies or ninja either.

And as with pirates (and many other things), I'm only bothered when someone 
tries to tell me that their fantasy version of whatever is historially 
correct (Please note, I am not saying you are doing this - I have no idea 
whatsoever about how you portray a freebooting persona, and without that 
information can't tell you whether you are right or not).  It only bothers 
me because I think that an accurate representation is a debt we owe to the 
Dead, but I know that not everyone feels that way.  Too bad, so sad.

>From reading this thread, you appear to be saying that the hollywood 
convention of what a "purate" is isn't period.  That's all that anyone else 
is saying too, and to be blunt - that's probably what they see the most of 
at events, so that's likely why there -may- be an assumption that this is 
what you are doing.    This may not be as big a fight as you seem to be 
prepared to engage in.


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