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Duncan MacNamara duncan_macnamara at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 14 15:44:53 PDT 2005

>>From my perspective, and that's just as some guy sitting on the sidelines 
>I don't care id you call yourself a pirate, a free man of the sea, a 
>brigand, a reaver, whatever.  Piracy's perfectly period certainly, and 
>there's a (weak, but plausible) argument that calling yourself a pirate is 
>even period.
>My only confusion - and that's all it is, a confusion - is why anyone would 
>want a person based on people who kill and steal for a living (you can 
>dress it up however you want, but the historical reality is that piracy IS 
>all about theft, even today).   Please note - this is not a statement that 
>you shouldn't do it - this is after all the SCA, and you are well within 
>your rights to do pretty much anything you want, and I'll support that.  
>But don't be offended if I don't ask you to watch my stuff :)

And the Knights of the Crusades didn't kill and steal? 80-90% of most 
"soldiers" of whatever field took advantage of their position, taking what 
they wanted. And if portraying someone that kills and steals is wrong, then 
why are there *any* warfaring personas? What are the "wars" in the SCA? Do 
we not go out onto the field and portray killing people? This reminds me of 
the Christians who pick and choose what verses from their bible to uphold 
and which ones to ignore.

And just because my persona is a pirate/privateer/naval warfaring-type 
person doesn't mean that I am going to steal anyone's possesions. That's 
going just a touch overboard, I think, to imply that we would.

And for the record, (this is for all reading this, not just who I replied 
to) my persona is based loosely on some of my family's history from that 
time period. Not on a "Jack Sparrow wannabe" type persona.


Lord Duncan MacNamara
Captain of the Iron Lotus
Commodore of the Allied Outlanders Fleet

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