[Ansteorra] RE:The whole pirate thing...

richard at duke.sca.org richard at duke.sca.org
Wed Sep 14 16:39:40 PDT 2005

Duncan MacNamara wrote:

> And the Knights of the Crusades didn't kill and steal? 80-90% of most 
> "soldiers" of whatever field took advantage of their position, taking 
> what they wanted. And if portraying someone that kills and steals is 
> wrong, then why are there *any* warfaring personas? What are the 
> "wars" in the SCA? Do we not go out onto the field and portray killing 
> people? This reminds me of the Christians who pick and choose what 
> verses from their bible to uphold and which ones to ignore.

Valid or not (I consider it invalid) this particular argument will not 
win you any sympathy points from the "warfaring personas."

You do realize that these Letters of Marque that you so greatly desire 
would (either directly or via landed Baronage) come from a "warfaring " 
type.  I suggest that you step lightly down this path!



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