[Ansteorra] RE:The whole pirate thing...

Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 14 17:48:26 PDT 2005

>Duncan MacNamara duncan_macnamara at hotmail.com
>>...you shouldn't do it - this is after all the SCA, and you are well 
>>within your rights to do pretty much anything you want, and I'll support 
>>that.  But don't be offended if I don't ask you to watch my stuff :)
>And the Knights of the Crusades didn't kill and steal?

No one said they didn't.  Don't jump to conclusions, I probably wouldn't ask 
one of them to watch my stuff either :)   [If nothing else, they have a much 
higher rate of documented cannibalism than most pirates do]

>80-90% of most  "soldiers" of whatever field took advantage of their 
>position, taking what they wanted.

I think that we have no idea what percentage of soldiers through history 
plundered, but I concede that a lot of them did.

>And if portraying someone that kills and steals is wrong, then  why are 
>there *any* warfaring >personas?

I didn't say it was wrong -- I said I didn't understand it.

>What are the "wars" in the SCA? Do we not go out onto the field and portray 
>killing people?

I'm probably not the best person to ask since I don't attend wars.  I will 
say though, that I don't think that losing campsites get plundered after SCA 
battles either (although that might add a certain added level of interest... 
  Or maybe fighting a running battle carrying heavy chests of clothes and 

>This reminds me of  the Christians who pick and choose what verses from 
>their bible to uphold and which ones to ignore.

If you say so.  It just looks to me like you want to make assumptions your 
own self :)

>And just because my persona is a pirate/privateer/naval warfaring-type 
>person doesn't mean that I am going to steal anyone's possesions. That's 
>going just a touch overboard, I think, to imply that we would.

Why not?  If you are going to portray a pirate, you should be prepared for 
people to -treat- you like a pirate.

My persona sends a lot of time and money investing in shipping and 
importation.  Pirates = Bad.

>And for the record, (this is for all reading this, not just who I replied 
>to) my persona is based loosely on some of my family's history from that 
>time period. Not on a "Jack Sparrow wannabe" type persona.

That's fine.


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