[Ansteorra] Romantic Personas

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Wed Sep 14 21:28:40 PDT 2005

Romantic Personas

Can anyone think of any other personas (in SCA period, 600-1600 ACE, Europe
including the old Roman empire) that are in general hard to play due to the
lack of information or the deluge of fantastic information?

------------------- Gustav Minnesinger

Scribes...There is lots of information about the mixture of our paints and inks, our tools and the work we produced, but what about who we were...how we acted, and how we dressed. Not all scribes were priests. The middle eastern scribe had to live a life beyond repute. 'Blessed are the scribes for they write the words of god' this is a transliteration of a note made in a book, but the idea is profound if you think about it. we the scribes write the words of our king, and our barons. we produce things of beauty and then give them away. The life of a scribe is in its way a very romantic personea and there is not a massive amount of information for us to show as our life.

your servant,

mahee of acre

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