[Ansteorra] Hurricane report from Nomaan

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Contact me privatley, if you can, and let me know what we can do to help.

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I just returned from Waveland, Mississippi where I was helping run the 
Amateur Radio Emergency Services communication center.

When I wasn't in the comm center, I was helping with food and clothing 

For those of you who want to donate items, I would suggest that you stick to 
canned goods, cleaning supplies and NEW clothing with the tags still on 

The distribution centers dont have the manpower to sort used clothes and the 
used clothing arriving in the areas are being thrown into large piles that 
may or may not ever get to those that need them

One other item that you might consider sending is heavy laboratory quality 
rubber gloves.  Body recovery is an ongoing issue and FEMA isn't getting the 
supplies the recovery crews need to them.

I'll be going back to the disaster area in a few days and will try to post 
some pictures for those interested.

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