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Naima ladywolf89 at yahoo.com
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Can anyone think of any other personas (in SCA 
period, 600-1600 ACE, Europe
including the old Roman empire) that are in 
general hard to play due to the
lack of information or the deluge of fantastic 

--Yes ma'am I sure can....Mine.  Coming from a
northern kingdom whose whims and fancy's went by just
who was king and what persona that king was...it was
very difficult to get my persona research done and I
am still learning.  And down here I'm amongst many
Viking and Norsemen and Women lol.

but my persona is a 10th century Mozarab woman born in
Malaga Spain living now in the Andalusian provinces. 
Daughter of a muslim man and Spanish gypsy woman (very
common in those days as Spain was under the Caliphate
of Rahmaad III) Not quite the romantic one you may be
looking for.  She is directly descended from a Berber
soldier who was among the first to raid into Spain at
the request of the spanish king.


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