[Ansteorra] Tropical Storm/Hurricane Rita

Linda keyna at hot.rr.com
Tue Sep 20 05:14:38 PDT 2005

WOW!!! If is that big then we up here in the Ft. Hood area will get it but
not like when the eye wall hits. Storms love to follow the I35 coradore.

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> As of 10am September 19, 2005 Rita's projected Path has her coming right
into Houston, Texas on Saturday as a Cat 3.
> Not good for us. If there are anyone on this site in th Houston and
surrounding areas then you should all start making plans to leave now or get
your families to safety. Do not leave yet but at least start making plans
and a list of supplies you will need for a few days. maybe a week or more.
The City of Houston is already making plans as well as Galveston.
> While it is early still it is always best to think ahead and be ready than
be surprised at the last moment.
> Now my Question is very simple. And this is a just in case question.
> Is there any SCA house holds in the San Antonio west Texas area that I can
send my family to for a few days or maybe longer. We do not have the money
or resources to stay in a hotel for any length of time. I am just trying to
plan ahead. My lady and I will be bringing 2 cats, one Dog (a Black Lab) and
a kid as well as various house hold goods. We only have one small car so we
are limited on what we can
> bring unless we manage to get a trailer and hitch in less than a week with
no money.
> Please think about it and respond to Risaac9056 at .aol.com. Be prepared for
more to be asking for assistance as well.
> Thanks for your help in advance.
> Lord Caradoc and Lady Pamela.
> Robert and Pam.
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