[Ansteorra] Free Trebuchet - in Dallas area

Mike meggiddo at netzero.net
Tue Sep 20 21:47:06 PDT 2005


A 'modern' came out to Steppes Fighter Practice this past Sunday with an 
offer to give anyone who will come by and haul off a Trebuchet that he 
built for a science project for a group of kids at a local school.

This is in the North Dallas area.

The man's name is - Ozzie and his cell phone number is: 972-675-7456.

He describe the trebuchet as being 6 feet high, 8 feet long with an 8 
foot arm. He states that it is in good condition. He is also willing to 
send photos of it to anyone who wishes more information.

If anyone has an interest or desire for this Trebuchet - contact Ozzie.

This is all that I know about it, so asking me questions is NOT going to 
answer them for you.

Michael Kettering

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