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Today and tomorrow there will be mandatory evacuations all the way up to the
edges of Houston. Rita is now a cat. 4. And suppose to be a cat. 5 by

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Galveston mandatory evacuations
Galveston county officials just  signed the paperwork declaring a state of
emergency. *Every* person living in  Galveston county  is ordered to
This is not voluntary -- it's mandatory. I saw this  broadcast live on
26 just a few minutes ago.
(checking the  internet...) Here's a site that just now has the details
that was quick):  _http://www.khou.com/topstories/stories/_
"Galveston officials have  now called for mandatory evacuations ahead of
Hurricane Rita beginning  Wednesday. The order is for every one living in
Galveston County. ... Residents who wait until the  mandatory evacuation
takes effect
on Thursday will only have one way out.  They'll have to stay on I-45 until
they reach Huntsville. ...
Zone A of the  evacuation plan, which includes the southern portions of the
county including  Galveston Island, Tiki Island and Bayou Vista, begins at 6
p.m.  Wednesday.
Zone B of the plan, which includes the  central portions of the county’s
mainland as well as the bay front communities  of Kemah, San Leon and
Bacliff, are
to start evacuation at 2 a.m.  Thursday.
Zone C, which is the northern reaches of  the county including League  City
and Friendswood, will start evacuation at 12 p.m.  Thursday. ..."
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