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                                                                                                                                       Sept, 22 2005

      Emergency Special Statement

          The Texas Department of Transportation has been asked to contra-flow Interstate 45 from Houston to Buffalo, about midway between Dallas and Houston.
          This will be the largest reversal of traffic in Texas history.
          TxDOT emergency management coordinator Scott Alley said the State Operations Center requested the one-way flow from Houston shortly before 7 a.m. today.
          The department intends to have the necessary signage in place to begin this unprecedented process about 9 a.m. today.
          "The SOC says no one should be coming to Houston," Alley said. "Emergency traffic, such as law enforcement personnel and rescue workers, take U.S. 290 east into Houston."
          TxDOT will have more information on this operation shortly, but it is urgent that the motoring public be notified of this situation immediately.

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            Texas Department of Transportation
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            Austin, Texas 78701-2483
            (512) 463-8588 FAX (512) 463-9896

            Sept, 23 2005

            Hurricane Traffic Update/Talking Points

            *TxDOT working to improve traffic from Houston on I-45

            *First phase will open all lanes for one-way traffic going north to Buffalo, an 80-mile stretch.

            *Future phases to include one-way north traffic from Houston to Dallas.

            *TxDOT working to improve traffic flow on I-10 by making all lanes one-way west, away from Houston.

            *We understand that millions of people are trying to get out of the Houston-Beaumont areas. We are doing all we can to help them.

            *We are sending all available courtesy patrols to the area to assist stranded motorists.

            *We have mobilized fuel trailers statewide to deliver gasoline to motorists low on or out of gas.

            *We are on the way and we ask motorists to be patient.  We will help you get safely out of harm's way and to your destination.  But this is an unprecedented storm.

            *If you see a fellow motorist in need, try to lend a hand if you can.  

            *For those Texans concerned about relatives still in Houston, we advise against travel to Houston.  Instead, call 3-1-1 for local evacuation assistance for your loved ones.

            *TxDOT is currently sending personnel and equipment to staging areas near the affected coastal areas, ready to start clean-up efforts once the storm subsides.

            TxDOT Contra-Flow on IH 10

            SAN ANTONIO - The Texas Department of Transportation's (TxDOT) San Antonio and Yoakum Districts are preparing for heavy traffic to arrive from Houston who will be affected by Hurricane Rita.
            As of 10:30 a.m. the contra-flow route on IH 10 between Sealy and Seguin became effective. This will increase the westbound lanes for those traveling to San Antonio and Austin on IH 10 from SH 36, Alternate 90 and SH 71. 
            Traffic on the contra-flow lanes will have to exit at the following:
            - Luling: US 183 and SH 80 to Austin or 
            - Seguin: SH 123 to San Marcos/Austin or travel along other marked routes to San Antonio
            IH 10 westbound past Seguin to San Antonio will remain open. The San Antonio and Yoakum Districts have courtesy patrol vehicles driving at designated sections of IH 10 past Luling to assist motorists if necessary. The courtesy patrol vehicles will be manned with two people per vehicle.  They are carrying extra fuel for stranded motorists. They will operate 24 hours a day until weather does not allow.
            Portable message signs will advise motorists outside of Bexar County of evacuation shelter locations.  TransGuide message signs will also be used to direct motorists to evacuation shelter locations. 
            According to Lonny Gregorcyk, P.E., TxDOT District Engineer for the Yoakum District, "The contra-flow lanes will assist with motorists evacuation to San Antonio and Austin from the coastal areas served by SH 36, Alternate 90 and SH 71." 
            For more information about hurricane evacuations, please click on www.txdot.state.tx.us.

            TxDOT Providing Fuel to Motorists

            SAN ANTONIO - The Texas Department of Transportation's (TxDOT) San Antonio and Yoakum Districts are working in conjunction with Alexander Oil to provide fuel to motorists traveling down IH 10. TxDOT has stationed 14 trucks along IH 10, which will provide stranded motorists with 5 gallons of fuel, enabling them to reach Seguin. Motorists will be able to refuel in town. The Texas Department of Transportation will be providing this service until it is no longer required. Special thanks are extended to Judd Alexander, owner of Alexander Oil, for lending TxDOT a 425 gallon fuel tank. 
            For more information about hurricane evacuations, please click on www.txdot.state.tx.us.



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