[Ansteorra] Bordermarch?

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Our phone number is (972) 299-9867. We have two dogs, lots of floor space,
no-smoking, and lots of books to read. If you get our answering service,
leave a message and come anyway. If we don't have room, I'm sure we can find
a place for you.

Llywelyn and I live in Cedar Hill, just south of Dallas off Hwy 67 and Hwy

I came up with a back roads route for my family (who are still not leaving
Houston....), but if you can go out Alief/Clodine Rd  or I-10 out of Houston
(the west side) to Hwy 36, then head north to Hwy 79. Cut south to Hwy 190,
then take Hwy 190 north to Copperas Cove. That's where Gilli lives. It's
also where Ft. Hood is, and where there should be a good supply of gasoline.

If you want to continue to the west side of the DFW area on backroads, you
could continue on Hwy 190 to Hwy 281.
If you want to go to Dallas or here to Cedar Hill, take hwy 220 at Hico,
then Hwy 67.

If you want to go to Ft. Worth take Hwy 281 to Hwy 377 North.

I also heard on the radio if you could get on HWy 59, drive south to
Victoria, then take Hwy 87 north to San Antonio.

Getting from Beaumont to Houston will be a problem, I'm sure, so the other
route from Beaumont might be Hwy 69 to Hwy 287 north at Woodville. I'm not
sure what the roads are like right now, though. It's a long drive on a good

Good Luck and God Bless You All!


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Has anyone heard from Bordermarch?
Rita may be heading towards our friends there.

Simonn? Tessa? Does anyone know if they are evacuating?

We have lots of homes with lots of open arms up here in Steppes and Elfsea,
if you all can get through to us.

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