[Ansteorra] Gleann Abhann Assists

Darlene Vandever hlannes at ev1.net
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I think that this is an incredible act of love by our neighbors in Gleann 
Abhann after the tremendous losses they have suffered. Vivat! May we always 
see such acts of nobility and friendship.
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I picked up from the Gleann Abhann Supply Run Yahoo eGroup that they'd like 
to return the favour to us of emergency supply runs, if needed.

After Rita passes and we have a better idea of the situation in damaged 
areas, then I offer my home again as a local collection point. But we would 
need a larger location available for sorting, counting, and distribution... 
espeically for the loads coming in from Gleann Abhann. Does anyone have the 
space, time, and delivery means to assist in this?

Or, are there other efforts already being planned?


Madame Colete
The Barony of Elfsea
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