[Ansteorra] question on ceramics and its history

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I have documentation of plaster molding being used under plates on a kick 
wheel during throwing to form the smooth inside of the plate and of plaster 
press molds for "lace woven" plate edges.  Both processes are shown in 
"Three Books of the Potter's Art", a thirteenth century treatise on pottery 

I have found no evidence of slip casting until at least the late seventeenth 

Why not throw or coil the piece and keep the whole thing period?  :)

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>Some molding of small decorative attachments to pots was done in the  15th 
>century.  However, it wasn't slip casting, it was putting clay  in a mold 
>to shape it, then it was attached to the pot. I know of no  documentation 
>that says slip casting is period. However, If you are  decorating your 
>pottery pieces in a particular style (majoilica,  etc), you can enter the 
>decoration and not the pot itself.
>Clarissa di Firenze
>On Sep 23, 2005, at 12:12 AM, Cairenn Day wrote:
>>There is a SCA pottery list.  Many very well informed folks on it.   Slip
>>casting is very hard to document, many say it was not done in  period.  I
>>know folks who say they have found documentation, but I've never been
>>able to look at it.
>>Even if you are doing slip casting, you can still use period style
>>decoration on it. Then you can enter the decorating, instead of the
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