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While slip was used throughout period for painting items, most items were either wheel thrown or hand pinched.
But you may want to investigate Pots and People: that have shaped the heritage of medieval and later England by Maureen Mellor (a publication of the Ashmolean Museum) because on page 35 in figure 43 is a "Moulded Rhenish stoneware Schnelle, made in Siegburg, Germany with an inscription "Judit ano 1572"..."  I believe the inscription is referring to a date for the molded picture and not the creation date, but this book is a wonderful small resource for starting a ceramic library.  It is available from $12 to $35 through Bookfinder.com.  Not being a ceramicist myself, I get lost in all the terms of stonewear, tinwear and the like.  Maybe it can help you.
If you are interested in documenting painting with slip, World Ceramics: An illustrated history edited by Robert J Charleston could be useful.  It can likewise be found through bookfinder.com from $10.00 to $125.
You might want to see if you can get either book through interlibrary loan to see if they actually have the information you seek.
Prudence the Curious
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I want to thank every one for the helpful information , I  was so hoping to find 
slip casting some how period but i guess i will have no luck , 
i am still researching on how to pain in a period way , 
not sure i am ready to invert in a poetry wheel yet but maybe some day 
Lady Brenna 

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