[Ansteorra] Hurricane Rita damage

ChuckandRhonda Leggett poppabrick at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 24 16:37:46 PDT 2005

My family lives in Silsbee. They all evacuated to safer locations, including our home. Now with news reports coming in, things do not look very good for their homes.  They have called the Sheriff's dept. in Hardin County and have been told nothing is where it had been prior to the storm and there is significant damage. Their stress level is extremely high right now and all are having difficulty remaining here, not knowing what to expect when they return home or even when they may expect to return home. 
 We have family on 7th St., Ben D. Smith Rd., and Brownlee Rd. Any reports of those areas would be greatly appreciated! 
Lady Tabitha Baker
Barony Bryn Gwlad

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