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I know we want to help our own, but a place that we have been many times
might be able to use our help right now. The Canton Civic Center is caring
for several busloads of evacuees from Beaumont, and they need help. This is
the site that we use for Steppes Warlord, Elfsea Defender, and Ansteorran
Argent Anniversary.

If there is someone who has contacts with the City of Canton, could you
please find out what we, the members of the SCA, could do to help? I have
several cases of bottled water I can donate and some canned goods. I am
willing to drive out there tomorrow afternoon/evening to deliver it, but I'd
like to know what they need at this time. Unfortunately, I have to go to
work tomorrow, but will be available to drive out there after school.

This is the city that has allowed us to invade their park, restaurants, and
civic center on a regular basis. Can anyone who knows the managers of the
Canton Civic Center check on this and report back?

In Service,


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I realize that many are unable to return to their homes at this time, so
they will not know what kind of damage, if any, they have suffered.
Thankfully Rita was not as bad as it could have been, but I'm hearing
reports that damage is worse than orginially thought in some areas.

Many of us have already cleaned out our closets and donated money to the
Katrina victims.  But, there should be something that we as a kingdom can do
to help now.

To those that are housing evacuees, is there something that is needed?
Food, bedding etc?

Is long term shelter needed?  I'm sure some will need help once they are
able to return to their homes with clean up.

Is it possible to use http://www.ansteorraforums.net/ as a means of
communication, or maybe set up another website?

Also LA received more damage, have we heard anything from there, do we know
if any members were affected also and what may be needed?

I will help in any way I can.  I will keep my offer of housing open to any
who may need it.  Just give me a call 972-420-9637.

In Service,

HL Mary Elisabeth

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