[Ansteorra] Bordermarch?

Vicki Marsh xaraxene at comcast.net
Sun Sep 25 19:43:11 PDT 2005

I've heard on TV that Jasper is having problems with electricity and water.
There are evacuees at the High School Gym.

Do Simonn &Tessa need anything?

Ring-Thegn to MountainGate

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I spoke with Simon and Tessa today.  They are safe in Jasper.

Simon also said Armand and Kaitrin are safe and in the Tyler area.


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>The last we heard Simon & Tessa were due to leave Thurs am and going to
>Jasper.   We have not heard anything since then.
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>>Has anyone heard from Bordermarch?
>>Rita may be heading towards our friends there.
>>Simonn? Tessa? Does anyone know if they are evacuating?
>>We have lots of homes with lots of open arms up here in Steppes and
>>Elfsea, if you all can get through to us.
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