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Mon Sep 26 05:12:47 PDT 2005

Good Gentles,

I have a station wagon with good gas mileage and can drive down on
Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday as I do not work on those days, if this
assistance is needed.


Liz or Lady Fionnghuala the Fair or "Nuala" or my evil twin, Cedric
"It seems the less a statesman amounts to, the more he loves the flag."
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On Sun, 25 Sep 2005 21:31:31 -0500 "Vicki Marsh" <xaraxene at comcast.net>
> I know we want to help our own, but a place that we have been many 
> times
> might be able to use our help right now. The Canton Civic Center is 
> caring
> for several busloads of evacuees from Beaumont, and they need help. 
> This is
> the site that we use for Steppes Warlord, Elfsea Defender, and 
> Ansteorran
(SNIP!)> This is the city that has allowed us to invade their park, 
> restaurants, and
> civic center on a regular basis. Can anyone who knows the managers 
> of the
> Canton Civic Center check on this and report back?
> In Service,
> Xene
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> I realize that many are unable to return to their homes at this 
(SNIP!)> I will help in any way I can.  I will keep my offer of housing
> to any
> who may need it.  Just give me a call 972-420-9637.
> In Service,
> HL Mary Elisabeth

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