[Ansteorra] Royal Huntsman.

Christoforo Antonio Passavanti christoforo at ev1.net
Tue Jan 10 05:07:54 PST 2006

Unto the Archers of Ansteorra,

I wished to send greetings and thanks.

First I wish to thank His Highness Mahdi for his attendance at this
tournament and for his words of praise and encouragement. Though his duties
were divided that day he stayed with us through the entire first round as
well as from the 4th round through the finals where he chose the 3d targets
for each round.

For those who participated, my hats off to you for what many considered some
of the stiffest competition we have seen at a Royal Huntsman Tournament
despite the shifting winds all day long.

I would like to give particular note to Lord Karrick who handed me my one
defeat and went undefeated in to the finals. He then proceeded to match me
shot for shot through the final, the 3 shot tie breaker, then 6 rounds of
single shot sudden death.

I would also like to mention Lord Martino who's shooting was outstanding all
day and who's performance forced me to shoot to my very best. I must also
mention Lord Leofwine who despite illness was a very difficult opponent and
was one of the last 4 archers in the tournament.

Finally, we were treated to some exceptional shooting by Lord Arthur
Blackmoon who's
shoot on the 3d deer was with out equal, and a display of skill in the
combat archery round by HL Eadric who's speed and accuracy was simply

For all who were not able to attend, You missed out on a great day of

In Service,

Don Christoforo Antonio Passavanti

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