[Ansteorra] Blacksmithing q's

Lady Valkyrie lady-valkyrie at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jun 1 18:46:47 PDT 2006

Greetings good gentles.

I have a couple questions for those on the list who have blacksmithing

I am taking an introductory course in jewelry and metal smithing which has a
wonderful bonus of 24-7 shop access :)

They have a sort of forge - a brick structure that enables you to hook up
one of the larger natural gas torches they use for soldering, not quite a
period forge (to say the least) but not one of those new-fangled gas forge
metal box thingies either...the teacher has graciously given me permission
to blacksmith in there, whenever I want, provided they don't have to switch
things around for me.  

I find myself in the need for a couple things - 

1. steel bar stock
2. something adequate to quench the hot metal in.  They will have my head if
I stick any steel into the pickle vat - everything will get plated in copper
after that.  My ex bf who was a blacksmith - and taught me some... used a
vat of oil to quench things in.  what sort of container can withstand the
hot oil?  Are there other quenches I could use?

My skills, pardon the pun, are rusty, but I miss working iron and steel.  If
anyone knows where I can obtain these things - I would appreciate it.

Thank you all, 
Little Kris

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