[Ansteorra] Don Benedict's Tourney - Many Thanks

Dawn Rummel dsrummel at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 2 16:32:30 PDT 2006

At Steppes Warlord, a tournament was held in honor of Don Benedict 
Ashton.  It was a wonderful event and a fitting tribute, and I would like 
to offer my gratitude to the many people who helped make it thus.
  (in vaguely chronological order)
  To Their Majesties, Their Graces, and the autocrats, for allowing me 
to hold the tournament when and where it was held;
  To Lord Joseph Thomas, for helping me set up the pavilions and list 
  To Baron Borek Vitalievich Volkov, who so kindly allowed us to use 
his pavilion;
  To Baroness Michelle Chantal de Charente, Sir Asoph Hearts, and 
Countess Allyson Tymmes, for the wonderful food and decorations;
  To Countess Margaret ny Connor, for being a fabulous list mistress 
and for offering largesse;
  To all of the fighters who honored Benedict by fighting with honor 
(and sometimes humor) in his tournament;
    To Baron Connor Drummond, for being my marshal-in-charge;
  To the heralds and marshals, without whom we could not fight;
  To the many nonfighters in attendance, who came to offer their 
  To Master Erasimus von Eisenwald uber Tauberbischofsheim (Eisen!) and 
Master Aeron Harper, who provided a beautiful knife as a prize (The 
Damascus blade was made by Master Eisen from a previous project intended 
for Benedict and the amazing checkered handle and the scabbard were made 
by Master Aeron – the prize went to Benedict’s mentor and friend, 
Master Robert);
  To Master Aeron Harper, who won the tournament with skill and grace.
  The tournament was a remarkable tribute, with friendship, memories, 
and laughter in attendance.  I think Benedict would have been (or 
perhaps is) quite pleased.  My thanks to all.
  Doña Antonia Bianca Santiago da Lagos

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