[Ansteorra] children and events

Cisco Cividanes engtrktwo at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 1 06:13:33 PDT 2006

>Wait a minute. On the one hand you're saying that "it takes a kingdom to 
>raise a child" but on the other hand you seem to be objecting to parents 
>who leave it to "the kingdom" to watch their kids.

With all due respect, there is a substantial and vast differnce between helping a parent out when they need it and having another person's children foisted onto you without warning or request. And ultimately, I beleive what the MOC is saying is that so long as the parents know where their children are AND the Chidlren know where their parents are--or at least a good working idea--we're all on the right track. 

Ivo Blackhawk

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