[Ansteorra] Apology

Cisco Cividanes engtrktwo at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 1 17:09:09 PDT 2006

To the good gentles of this list, 
I would like to state an apology. The below statement was intended as a private e-mail to address Lord Tivar in a quiet fashon.

To Lord Tivar, 

I apologise for making this statemnt on the open list, and I honestly meant no offence or poor characterisation of yourself. I felt your statement sounded rude, and my intent was to address this in a private conversation. 
In light of my error, I would like to say here that my comment was wholy inappropiate for a public list. I do not know you to point yourself out in a crowd, and I am certanly not qualified to pass any judgement over yourcharacter before an audience of any sort. 

with sincear apologies,
Lord Ivo Blackhawk

>I do hope that the above comment was not meant to be as condensending as it sounded when I read it.
>Lord Ivo Blackhawk. 

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