[Ansteorra] Cabin Reservations for Battle of the Runnen/ Academy of the Bow, 4-6 Aug, '06/ Plan B, Mod2

george basore murray_kinsman at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 4 14:01:04 PDT 2006

  I am sure all gentles remember the missive of
yesterday, IRT cabin reservations.  WELL, BELAY  MY
    Allow me to present the NEW list, and open all
available space  to active pursuit of reservations,
effective immediately.

  So it has been written, So it SHALL be DONE!

 All accomodations in the feast hall are reserved for
   Feast workers

   Roost: Royal Party
 Cabin 1:
 Cabin 2: 
 Cabin 3: Royal Navy, Capt. Bella+8
 Cabin 5: Royal Navy, Radm Del Sans+8
 Cabin 4: Royal Navy, Adm Haddock
 Cabin 7:
 Cabin 8: 
  Hut 0 :
  Hut 1 :
  Hut 2 :
  Hut 3 : Ldy Morgana Vandya+1
   Lodge:Academy of the Bow
 Outpost: Wolfstar
 Crow's : Wolfstar
 Wagon 1:
 Wagon 2:
 Wagon 3:Lady Brenna+5
 Wagon 4:
 Wagon 5:
 Wagon 7:
    You may reach me at  murray_kinsman at yahoo.com ,
   or (580)763-6022 Home phone
   or (580)491-0209 Cell phone
 YIS, Ld High Adm  Rob Haddock

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