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Greetings Aerin,

I flew to Pennsic 27 through Pennsic 33 but had just taken a new job  
last year in July, so didn't get to go last year. [1]

For the last few years you have been able to mail packages directly  
to Pennsic for pickup at the Merchant's trailer, even if you weren't  
a merchant. It does cost you an extra $5?, $10 per package. I have  
been mailing up a footlocker of stuff which would be oversize for the  
airlines. The price from Austin is about $20 to $30 depending upon  
whether you send it USPS or Federal Express or whether you send it  
through one of the mail stores. Federal Express has better tracking,  
but it they may not have a drop off point close to you. The mail  
stores are concenient, but they charge you about 40% more than  
Federal Express and all they do is hold it for Federal Express.

To mail your package home and/or other stuff you have bought at  
Pennsic, there is a small postal trailer set up at Pennsic. You do  
have to be careful though, since they have very limited hours.  
10am-2pm and only M - F. So, if you miss that window, you will have  
to figure another way to get it home.

The airlines reduced the maximum wieght for each piece of luggage. so  
you do want to keep that in mind when deciding which things to pack  
to fly home with and which to mail. For a number of years, I flew  
home with a large number of books and my dirty laundry got mailed  
home. :-) But since the maximum is around 50 instead of 70 pounds  
I've had to be more cautious of that.

For carrying stuff on the airplane, I use a footlocker with wheels on  
it which fits just within the maximum size allowance. Then I strap an  
ice chest to the top of it with a nylon strap. This lets me move both  
together around the airport by myself. The ice chest then gets  
emptied of gear at Pennsic and used to keep cold foods and drinks in.

You can also carry on one bag, which in my case is an overnight bag I  
sling over my shoulder. In addition, the airlines let you bring a  
coat, which is in my case is one of my SCA cloaks. This saves a lot  
of space in my luggage, even if it might be a bit strange walking  
through the Austin airport with it over my shoulder with 100 degree  
temperatures outside.

I know have a Pennsic household who have a spare tent, sleeping bag  
and cot for me, but I have carried a small nylon tent to Pennsic one  
year and shipped the sleeping bag, since it was light but bulky.

To avoid bringing a bed, I took a muslin sheet/table cloth that I got  
from a thrift store and folded it in half and then sewed it up into a  
large bag with one end open. At Pennsic, I would buy one of their  
straw bales for $5 and then break it up and stuff the bag with it. At  
the end of Pennsic, I would just dump out the straw, because disposal  
of the straw comes in that price, fold up the bag and bring it home.

Some of those years I ate at the food court for dinner and got a ride  
into town and picked up non-cook things for breakfast and lunch. Many  
groups sponsor things like the corn party or the Ansteorran Chili  
Night and if you can find out about those, you can use that to avoid  
the food court and save some money.

Some day I will get around to writing all this and some other stuff  
up about flying to Pennsic and other events and get it into the  
Florilegium. In the meantime, please feel free to email me if you  
have any further questions.

[1] (Since I just got laid off from my job a few weeks ago, and am  
looking for another, I'm not sure if I will be able to make this  
Pennsic, either. Grumble. Grumble.)

On Jun 5, 2006, at 4:50 PM, Melinda wrote:

> Greetings!
> Is there anyone that has some extra space for stuff that would be  
> willing to help me out with getting my things to Pennsic? I'm  
> flying but would be more than willing to give some money towards  
> gas or whatever to have help in transporting my stuff. If you are  
> willing to help please email me directly at melindaaerin at cox.net
> Thanks in advance.
> In Service,
> Aerin

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