[Ansteorra] Lysts clarification

Dave Wise drwise at houston.rr.com
Tue Jun 6 06:52:33 PDT 2006

Greetings all,
Since I am still getting inquiries, I wanted to re-iterate that at the 
Lysts of Castleton event this weekend you do not have to ride in order 
to be able to enter the lists.  There will be three separate 
competitions including mounted crest combat, chivalric foot combat and 
jousting.  Each field will run successive to each other so you can 
compete in as many as you wish to (assuming you are authorized for each 
field).  Each will have their own field champion.  For the chivalric 
field we have planned hours and hours of combat where you will have an 
opportunity to earn renown before the assembled gallery.  For those who 
are not familiar with the Pas format, the list field becomes a stage 
where you not only get to demonstrate your prowess, but look good doing 
it.  And if your humility does not allow you to boast of your 
accomplishments, then hire a herald!  For the foot combat we will 
feature nearly every format including traditional fighter's choice and 
at the barrier.  In addition, we are anticipating some small team and 
perhaps even a banner melee, where credit is awarded to the combatant 
who claims the last banner standing [If you have your own banner, you 
might want to mount it on a list legal pole (I recommend a glaive 
myself!)].  We will have some available if you are hesitant to see yours 
fall in ignominy.  In addition to renown, you may have the chance to 
claim ransom!  If you consider yourself a fighter of great reputation 
then perhaps you should be prepared to pay ransom to those who best 
you.  Should you be of more humble means, then be prepared to proclaim 
the skills of your worthy opponent to the assembled gallery.  While no 
ransom is required, each combatant sets their own price, so have fun 
with it.

Crests are recommended, not required.  Please show off your creativity 
and wit as you take the field, but if your artisans are not able to 
deliver on time, do not let that cause you to miss a glorious day of 

A note on the gallery,
In order to present this format as closely as possible we will have a 
gallery set up consisting of a series of pavilions.  These will be 
communal pavilions to provide shaded seating for the spectators.  We 
would ask that you bring you own seating and be prepared to get to know 
your neighbors.  We will be insisting that chairs only be allowed in the 
gallery so that we can accommodate as many people as possible.  Of 
course you are welcome to set up your own pavilion for your personal 
needs, but it will not be on the front row.  In addition, we will have 
pavilion space for the list entrants so that they will have shade and 
water while awaiting their opportunity to earn renown.

A final note,
This format is a first in the SCA that integrates both the equestrian 
and chivalric fields.  So please come join us as we develop this format 
as Ansteorra continues to lead the way in the SCA :-) .

With regards,
Sir Alexis LaBouche
Event Steward

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