[Ansteorra] Thank you from Kingdom Dance and Music Symposium

Myfanwy ferch Eifion myfanwy at pug.net
Tue Jun 6 17:34:36 PDT 2006

I want to thank many people for all of their assistance at Kingdom Dance and
Music Symposium.  Without the hard workers, there would be no way that an
event like this could occur.  If I forget somebody, it is definitely *not*
because I didn't appreciate your work, it's just that still a few days after
the event, I'm pretty brain fogged.

First, thanks go to His Excellency and the Barony of Bryn Gwlad for all
their encouragement and support for this event.  

I want to thank Lady Celestria le Dragon for being there during the day so
that I could attend classes and not have to worry about an emergency getting
out of hand.  I would like to thank Don Conor Drummond for being my mentor
and making sure that I have taken care of everything.  

Lady Tabitha, you made gate run smoothly and without any concerns.  Also,
thank you all who sat gate shifts for this event!  I appreciate you more
than words can say.

His Excellency, Baron Thomas of Tenby, Baron of Bryn Gwlad, I want to thank
you for hosting Bryn Gwlad's Bardic champion at this event and taking care
of it all without me having to be worried about it.

Lazlo, you and your staff made sure that we were completely out of the hall
by 10:00.  

Baroness Claire, thank you very much for making the hall look beautiful and
Lady Isabella, you again came through hanging banners in places we would
normally have problems getting to.  I know that the Bryn Gwlad Baronial
Guard assisted in making the hall look great.  Thank you!

Dona Gwenneth of Glamorgan, the proceedings were wonderful and again very
beneficial to those of us who like to keep handouts.  

Lady Anna, you kept our teachers on time, and our classes moving, thank you
for keeping the event on time.  

The website went up quickly, was easy to navigate, and was constantly being
updated, thank you Isabelica.

Lady Isabella, I know that you had no takers on crash space, but having
somebody to be the contact makes it so much easier.  Thank you.

Lord Thomas of Conway, if you hadn't been there, many people would have not
been able to navigate how to get to the site.  Even though I hadn't asked
you to do this job, you got the signs, put them out, and remembered
something I had completely forgotten.

HL Lowrie Lleulyn, HL Sosha, Lady Stephanie, Master Avatar, thank you all
for making sure that dancing and music occurred in the evening giving our
guests a place to have a good time.

Lady Catalina Ana de Salamanca, I know that you had a very difficult time
getting classes lined up for the Middle Eastern track, but you did a great
job, and when you had two classes cancelled the day before the event, you
found somebody to cover for them.

Lady Stephanie Winter von Brandenburg, the music classes were great!  You
made sure that there were music classes for several different levels of
musicians.  Not only were there classes for people who played instruments,
but there was a class for people who sing.  Thank you!

I also want to thank all the teachers: Lady Hanna, HL Sosha, Lord Antonello,
HL Sorcha, Lady Catalina, Mistress Anne, Master Daniel, Baron Master Ihon,
Baroness Isabeau, Lady Isabella, HL Lowrie, Master Phillip, Baroness Claire,
HL Amata, Lady Stephanie, Master Avatar, HL Gerald, Jan Jackson, and Tom
Zajac.  Ultimately you are what inspire us to host an event like this.
Thank you!

Finally, last but definitely not least, I want to thank my son, Alexander
Gervase, and my wonderful husband, Master Pug, for making sure I had
everything taken care of, supporting me during the day, and being my
constant inspirations! 

In service to the Kingdom and to dancing,
HL Myfanwy ferch Eifion
Steward of Ansteorra's 2006 Kingdom Dance and Music Symposium

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